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We have a lawyer’s team exclusively dedicated to defend our clients of interests in civil, commercial, bankruptcy, competition, labor, constitutional and administrative claims, among others.

We defend our clients: With the proper care of their image, with accuracy, superior quality and values, that is our distinction that allows us to provide a first class legal representation.

We elaborate: Judicial strategies for complex cases, which combine a work team with our law firm several specialized areas.

We represent our clients: Throughout the country,thanks to the recognized lawyers and correspondents with plenty of experience in law courts, litigating before arbitral and regular courts, administrative offices, Supreme  Court of Justice, in all instances.

We evaluate: All the alternatives in a conflict together with our clients, so they can evaluate their decision to get involved in a legal dispute in a precise and efficient way, in order to pursue the best result, evaluating both success possibilities and risks.

In litigation matters, we provide an expert, responsible and dedicated defense, where there is no place for improvisation.