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We have experience in important labor issues, that allow us to provide concrete and quick answers.

We advice our clients in:  Collective negotiations processes, ruled or direct; Labor lawsuits (especially for dismissal, protection of fundamental rights and compensation for damages produced by work accidents and work-related illness)

We guide our clients in: In the application of labor regulations and social security, answering the questions that clients may pose to us.

We participate in: The elaboration of employment contracts, internal regulations and, in general, all the labor documentary needed.

We perform preventive labor audits: Helping our clients to build a law adjusted structure, identifying and preventing potential labor disputes.

We support our clients in: All the stages of the labor relationship, representing the employers in every sort of labor conflicts, both judicial and extrajudicial.

In labor law matter, we understand companies timing, that is why, we are constantly available to provide advice and answer any labor doubts.