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We have broad experience in Insurance matters, with a multi-disciplinary team, that provides an integral advice.

We advice our clients in: Every Insurance process stages and in posible Law suits that could occur with Insurance companies.

We treat: Technical, sophisticated and high complex issues in different industries.

We design and organize: Choices for covering our clients’ risks in an efficient way.

We participate: In benchmarking and audit process in Insurance programs for big companies.

We interfere: In negotiations with Insurance companies.

We support our clients in: Settlements process. We participate in the most emblematic Insurance cases in the last years: After 2010’s Chilean Earthquake (8.8 Richter) Our team recovered more than US$1.000 million in losses.

We handle: Insurance cases for tens of US$ million, of the industries both in Chile and in foreign countries.

In Insurance matters, our view is focused in a financial, economic and legal way, that’s why, we are capable to adjust ourselves to current business challenges.