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Since the beginnings of this industry, we have been active counsels of big companies and corporations, both national and foreign; that is why we have a qualified team to face a very dynamic regulation.

We advice our clients in: The process of transfer of aquaculture concessions for national and foreign companies.

We guide our clients in: The agricultural, acquacultural and fishery compliance regulations.

We provide support in: Obtaining licenses and permits.

We participate in: Due diligence processes and M&A, of agricultural, aquaculture and fishery companies.

We analyze: Prohibitions and established limits for cultivable and extractable species, in order to provide comprehensive advice.

We represent our clients: Before diverse administrative authorities (For example, the minister of defense, Undersecretary of armed forces, Undersecretary of fishery and Aquaculture, Fishery National Service, among others) and in the defense of administrative and judicial issues.

In aquaculture and fishery matters, we provide for our clients solutions and specialized answers, which consider particular features of their areas.